Ahh Saturday

Happy Saturday!

Finally Saturday!  I think it’s my favorite day of the week.  A day to enjoy my family and not think about anything work related.  It’s a beautiful 70 degrees out so Breslin and I enjoyed a morning at the park.

Finally back on track with my workout schedule.  Hot yoga (my favorite yoga) on Friday night and cycling this morning.  I made Jamie come with me this morning and he has not worked out in like a year. Ill be interested to see how he is feeling in the morning.  I’m hoping for yoga and maybe 20 minutes on the treadmill or a barbell class for tomorrow.  My new goal is to try to workout one day next week before work.  We’ll see if I can pry myself out of bed for a morning workout!

My lovely lunch for today.  I’m always against anything fast food that’s not subway but I gave into it for today.  I always feel like I cancel out all of my hard work at the gym:(

What will the rest of the day bring?  Probably some cleaning, relaxing, and hopefully a movie.  For some reason I’ve been wanting to pull out the Scream trilogy.  Might be in my future?


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