Yoga Day

After not sleeping well last night I was dragging a bit today. I always want to try and get up in the morning and workout but it hasn’t happened in a long time. After work is usually when I complete my workout for the day. After not going to the gym for 2 days due to laziness on Sunday and tutoring on Monday. I finally made it to the gym tonight. It is usually my cycling night, but my friend who usually teaches the class is teaching on Thursday this week. Yoga was the winning workout of choice instead. Love Tuesday and Thursday Yoga at Lifetime. I have never been to a yoga class before these classes were I sweat and feel like I actually worked super hard. I walked out of the gym sweaty and feeling accomplished.

I had Subway for dinner. Did you know its Subtember? Any foot long sub for 5 dollars!

Bonus that I was able to wear my new top from Athleta to yoga tonight I got for my birthday. Did you know that any item from Athleta is returnable at any time. 20 years from now I can totally return an item. Is that worth the 50 or 65 dollars for an item? I think so!

After picking up my daughter I was informed she has been part of some girl drama at school. Great it beginnings drama already! Who could fight with this face?


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