Friday Eve

Ugg this week has been dragging. Thank gosh it’s pretty much Friday. My weeks have been crazy busy; meetings at school two nights and tutoring two nights leaving me only Tuesday to myself. My workout schedule has really taken a hit because of this. I was going to go to yoga tonight but my plans were rudely changed. I was only scheduled to tutor for one hour tonight but instead for some reason I was on the schedule for two when I arrived. Working from 8:00 to 7:00 two days this week really took its toll. I’m so ready for the weekend.

So no gym Wednesday or Thursday. I’m hoping to make it to hot yoga tomorrow evening. Hot yoga is always the perfect way to end the week. I will also need to workout on Saturday and Sunday morning.

Our fridge is stocked with fresh produce from the produce box. Thursdays are always an exciting day knowing I’ll have fresh produce at my door when I get home.



My snack before bed!



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