Teacher Parent Drama

It’s finally the weekend! Yeah! Friday is always “Dunkin Donut Fridays”. I always take Breslin to school on Fridays so to make the day special we go get a donut and I get coffee. It’s a win win for both of us!


Once I dropped Breslin off at school I was confronted by her teacher. Do u remember last week when I posted about her having some “girl drama” at school? Well it’s continuing and apparently the teacher feels like Breslin is causing it. Now being teacher I’ve had to deal with this a lot having to confront parents about their child misbehaving in school. Up until now we have been pretty lucky. Breslin has been a perfect angel at school. Always doing the right thing and all the kids seem to want to be her friend. Who could ask for anything more? Right? Now I’m in the opposite role being the parent being told their child is not following classroom expectations. It’s a much different role then I’m use to. I often find myself over analyzing the situation and finding fault in the teachers comments. Who knows best but a fellow teacher who is also her mother! (Sense my sarcasm there)
Not having the whole story I feel like yes Breslin is partly to blame but I believe the the other child must also have some role in this problem. So it’s back to school on Monday to discuss it some more and set up some consequences for this behavior. Being a parent is hard, but being a teacher parent is especially hard!

I ended my day with some hot yoga where I did 108 sun salutations for an hour and a half. By the 50th one I was done, but I finished and am now ready to shed my summer skin and welcome fall.

Dinner was my favorite Tijuana Flats! I was so hungry by quarter to 8:00 that I devoured my tacos!



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