Running and Barnes & Noble

Saturday was raining and dreary.  Welcome to fall right?  I’ve found that if I don’t get up and do something right away that  I tend to let the day waste away (i.e. yesterday morning).

I typically get up and go to a cycling class at the gym, but last week I went and wasn’t very impressed so I wasn’t really motivated to go back.  Plus this weekend they were doing an hour and forty-five minute class which I thought if an hour class was dragging for me last week I would hate to attempt a longer class.  There was also a “total conditioning” but I decided I would just run instead a little later.

What did I accomplish while I was dodging the gym?  Lets see I downloaded some music and messed with the formatting of my blog.  So basically nothing!

Finally I decided to get my butt motivated and head to the gym. After looking at the childcare times which said they closed at 3:00, Breslin decided to come to the gym as well.  We arrived the guy swiped my card and proceeded to tell me that I childcare center closes in 10 minutes . After I told him that the website said three he said well those are our fall hours and we haven’t switched to those hours yet.  It was back in my car with another game plan.

I decided to run around this “lake”.  It was humid and not lengthy, but I struggled.  Breslin and Jamie came along and she rode her scooter.  Not the best workout but mission completed. Plus it was muddy and I ended up with a wet foot.


Later in the day Jamie and I went out to dinner while a friend watched Breslin.  Nothing too exciting just dinner and a night at Barnes and Nobles, but its good sometimes to just veg.  So I caught up on some reading material.


What did you do on Saturday night?

How do you motivate yourself to get things done?


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