Too much

Monday again. Today was a long day. Two conferences and tutoring until 7:00 makes for a long day. Its only going to get worse before the week is over. Three meetings and three more conferences and one more night of tutoring before Friday. I feel like my track out always cones with a bang. I’m looking forward for sometime to myself and time to reflect.

Since arriving home at 7:15 I’m exhausted and wondering if I’m going to have the strength to survive the week. Working two jobs and motherhood is a lot to handle. Especially because I’m with kids every step of the way. Sometimes as I’m driving to one of my multiple obligations I picture turning my car around and going anywhere but here.

My addiction and my “me time” today.


No workouts since my run on Saturday. Tutoring really has been interfering with with my workout schedule. Tuesday is cycling. Watch out Coryn here I come!

With everything on my plate I’m trying to stay positive and think about what matters most.


On a side note wanted to share two of my favorites!

This dip is amazing!


This salad is also delish
Red wine vinegar
Salt and pepper



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