Hump Day

I haven’t blogged in a day.  I know I’m a slacker I need to get on my A game.  Don’t worry I track out next week so there will be a lot of detailed exciting posts with more time on my hands.

Yesterday I was thinking a lot about exercising (Yes I made it to my cycling class).  For those of you how don’t work with children on a daily basis can never truly understand how exhausted you are after a day filled with 22 students needing and wanting you for 7 hours.  It’s not like it was back in the day when kids would sit at their desks and work out of textbooks.  We have evolved and there is more demands on teachers then there ever was before.

Anyway, back to my point.  Many people probably believe I love working out.  That is not the case!  I tried to talk myself several times out of working out yesterday.   I thought about how nice it would be to just sit on the couch and enjoy a good show.  After several attempts to talk myself out of this I got my butt up and went.  I always enjoy it when I get there and find no regrets afterwards.  The only regrets I have is not to go.  I saw a sign once in a gym that said “Working out is like brushing your teeth you just have to do it.”  I still think about this all the time.

That led me to thinking about why I try to talk myself out of workouts.  To be honest they are hard sometimes really hard.  Who wants to go and torture themselves voluntarily?    Then I think about how good it feels when I’m done and how hard I worked.  No matter how hard I work I never give up.  I will push myself because I don’t want to quit, and I don’t want to waste my time.

Then I thought about how that is not true with other tasks that I do.  I often don’t want to attempt things that are too challenging because its hard for me to figure out.  If I don’t see a reward or a positive reinforcement I don’t feel like its worth my time.  I like things simple, to the point, just me what I have to do!  School was always hard for me and I have to work to get things that come naturally to others.   So why is working out the one thing I push myself to do?   Why can’t I apply this to other tasks?

Tonight was yoga!  Yes I needed it.  I’m telling you most people think yoga is a joke I know I did, but it is so good for you.  If you haven’t tried it do it!  After yoga Breslin and I stopped at Panera Bread.

Ahh yes Target the best place ever.

This was Breslin yesterday trying on new shoe for her school pictures. Image

I also found these babies!  Not as good as Swedish Fish but I’ll say they are okay,



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