Track out and a Giant Bag of Swedish Fish

TGIF today was my Friday because I don’t have to go back to work until October 18th! It’s okay to be a little jealous I totally support it!

You’ll be excited as I am as I start my track out to do list! I always spend the first day vegging out, and then I get to all the things I plan on completing. I figure if I post it on here you guys can hold me accountable for completing my list.

Today was conference day at school. The day dragged as I looked at these papers in between.


At 5:00 I finally walked out the door and picked up this monkey from school!


Then I was off to yoga yeah! Since I’ll be off the rest of the week I really need to focus on strength this week. I may make an appearance at Coryn’s cycling class. Hopefully I can survive it and not feel the chunks coming up.


After yoga I made some orzo pasta with basil, tomatoes, feta, salt, and pepper. It was delish!


I saw this bag at the store. I think I may need to purchase this in the future, but I restrained myself tonight.


Breslin also wanted to get out our Halloween decorations. I usually wait until October 1st, but I figured September 30th is close enough. I hate when people put their Christmas tree up so early it ruins the magic of that special time of the year.



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