No thank you

I was totally going to post yesterday, but I fell asleep on the couch watching How I Met Your Mother (ps I don’t know why I still watch that show I think it’s losing its funny and should have ended awhile ago). Plus I was off yesterday, so you would think I would be up and perky, but I think I’m still on my school schedule.

I wanted to share a conversation I had with my first conference of the day 7:45 on Monday. To give you some background information this parent has one child a girl and she is my go to in the classroom. She’s responsible, hardworking, and trustworthy. I was telling her mom how we will talk about her feelings on being an “only child”. She tells me “I hate it. There is no one to play with!”

We began to talk about Breslin being an only child. She asked me if I planned on having any more. I replied with “I’m 85 percent sure I don’t want to have another one”

We both found that people will often will ask if your going to have another one. Sure there was a time when Breslin was about 3 I thought I might want another one, but if you haven’t figured out having a child is hard. I’m content with just having one.

The point of this is in the end you have to do what’s best for you and your family. People often judge me because I don’t want to have more kids. I get pressured all the time. Why do people do that? I don’t go up to parents of multiple children and say “Wow why did you have so many kids?”

At the end is my conference the mother told me to stay strong 🙂 as people will often continue to ask when are you going to have another one? The lesson in all this for me is I’m not “normal” I’m not married I don’t want 2.5 kids. People don’t understand that and they are going to judge me. It’s the way that you handle these prejudices. I’m happy where I am and thank you for your thoughts and opinions, but as Breslin would say “no thank you”.




3 thoughts on “No thank you

  1. My mom had 7 kids and would actually get,’wow why did you have so many!’ It was always when we were out in public and they were strangers lol they’d say, ‘these can’t possibly be all your!?’ Haha you’re right ppl don’t know the situation, just ignore them:)

  2. Families are families are families. Whatever shape or size. I admire you for living the life you choose to live and not feel the need to do it like anyone else! Very wise of you to realize this before beating your head against the “normal” wall that life is, what it is, what it is . . .

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