Rap CDs and 1st Day off

I wanted to update you on my exciting adventures from yesterday. It was my first day off and I wanted to just lay on the couch all day, but instead I actually was somewhat productive.

The other day I found my old case of CD’s from the 90’s and 2000’s while cleaning out the garage. What a gem! lol I’ve been jamming to those CDs for the past couple of weeks (not while Breslin is in the car some of them are not appropriate see picture below).


Things I accomplished yesterday:

1) Called and scheduled an eye doctor appointment. I haven’t been in 4 years. After having my eyes poked and dilated, I walked out of there $212 poorer! Now I remember why the eye doctor sucks!

2) Scheduled family pictures. Also haven’t done in years so I thought it was due time!

3) Cleaned out the fridge

4) Paid some bills

5) Got some lunch dinner


6) Dropped off the cover for the couch cushion to the dry cleaners (Breslin got finger nail polish on it)

7) Wandered around Target after finding a gift cart for 11.00. Scored this new workout top for 13.00


Sale on these flats. Super cute!

8) Worked my butt off at cycling. (I know I’m suppose to do strength I’m going to a barbell class this afternoon)

9) Watched Meet the Croods with Breslin


What did you do yesterday?

What is your favorite store to “wander” around?


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