This One is Deep

Life is hard.  No one gives you a road map to help you make your decisions.  I’ve been trying to figure out mine for a while.  Two jobs, money, motherhood, and my relationship are really weighing on me.  The weight has finally got to me and I finally broke down.  I think with the daily craziness of my schedule the last couple of months I really haven’t been had time to focus on me.  With having some time off lately I’ve had some “me” time.  I’m continually working on making me and better me.   Boy is it going to take time.

After having my melt down this afternoon I picked myself up and went to tutor.  Now I teach third grade during the day (typically now I’m tracked out) and some nights I also tutor so it makes for long days.  Well today I had a table of boys (2 4th graders and an 8th grader).  During the hour we laughed and the kids I was working with seemed to been having a good time even though they were technically working.  At the end of the hour the older boy says to me.

“Wow that went by fast!  I wish I could work with you all the time.  I could do all of my hours with you.  Do you work on Saturdays or Tuesdays?”

This made me laugh, but then it got me thinking.  I really made this kids torturous tutoring sessions more enjoyable because I was just being me.  He enjoyed being around me, so why am I so hard on myself.  SO in light of me spreading my seed of laughter from tutoring to all of you here are some of my favorite funnies.

1) Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake evolution of end zone dancing-

2) Louis CK-Airplane Story

3) Aziz Ansari-Bed Sheets

4) Will Ferrell as George Bush


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