A Little Piece of the Mitten

Happy Saturday!  It’s nice having an extended weekend, and not having to worry about school work to do!  Not too shabby with the workouts this week.  Although since I haven’t been working, I should really step up my game.  This was my breakdown for the week. I consider my workout week Sunday through Saturday.

Sunday Sept 29- Cycling

Monday Sept 30- Yoga

Tuesday Oct 1-Cycling

Wednesday Oct 2-Barbell-Strength+30 Minutes on the treadmill

Thursday and Friday Oct 3 and 4 – Nada

Saturday Oct 5- Yoga + Strength

I need to start balancing yoga and strength better, as yoga usually wins because I just love doing it.  Plus I’m really inflexible in my hamstrings and calves.

Yesterday was quite eventful I started the day by dropping this pickle of at school.


Then it was off to breakfast with my dear friend Jaime.  It was her first time at Rise, and it was delicious as always.   Its always nice to catch up since we are both from Michigan originally. She understands the land of deer and beer. 🙂 Then it was home to catch up on some New Girl episodes.  After lunch I picked up Breslin so we could have some girl time.  She has Travelling Teddy this weekend so he came home too!  She decided to go see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.  Of course Teddy came too!


After having lunch with my aunt on Thursday I heard that the Carolina Hurricanes were playing the Detroit Red Wings.  Now being from Michigan I’m always going to support my home state, so I looked up tickets and Jamie and I decided to go.  My friend Kristen said she would watch Breslin so we were child free for the evening.


I think its funny that I lived in Michigan for about 24 years, yet have not been to a Red Wings game.  I’ve been to a few Tiger’s games, but never a Lions or Red Wings game.  In my defence, my home town is 3 hours from Detroit so I don’t get over there often.  I knew entering the arena there were very few Wings fans, but it was awesome that we kicked butt and went on to win in overtime 3-2 after being behind the first 2 periods.


View from our awesome seats! Yeah Right!


Two guys peeing together after the game!

What did you do Friday night?

How do you balance cardio and strength?


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