When am I going to finish this project?


The weekend is over and I can’t believe its Sunday night.  I tried to be productive, but with all of the projects I start it takes awhile. I am proud I am in process of a few things.  Saturday started with the gym-yoga (which I received a compliment on my boat pose which is funny because instructors are usually correcting my form in classes).  Then it was off to Panera Bread for some breakfast and a coffee of course.  So coffee hasn’t always been my addiction.  I started drinking coffee after receiving about 50 dollars in gift cards for Starbucks from my students for teacher appreciation.  After getting a cup of iced coffee a few times a week my addiction started, and I wanted coffee more and more.  Jamie went and got me a Kerig, and now its coffee almost every morning. 

Breslin ate her whole bagel! She was really hungry!

ImageThen it was off to walk through PetsMart (they had kittens out for adoption) and a walk through AC Moore. 

ImageOf course this was followed by “Can I have this?” “What about this?” I need and I want.  We walked out of there with nothing.  She walked out with a sad face.

Then it was home for a bit, and after looking around the house I was in a major cleaning fix.  After a trip to Walmart to pick up some new supplies, I was deep cleaning the main floor. 

Another wig this time its Ariel.

Then I was starved, so we finally used my Olive Garden gift certificates.  Teddy came too and enjoyed some ravioli. 

ImageImageToday was breakfast at Rise.  I know I went again, then it was home to clean. Then it was off to the gym for a barbell class.   I finally took all of Breslin’s baby things from the attic which are now scattered around the house in attempt to get rid of them.  This project is to be continued, but this is what I started with this afternoon.


Clothes 0-4 years old.

What did you do this weekend?

Do you have any projects in process?


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