Fall into Fall

The colder weather has officially hit NC this week. Last week was hot and sunny, and this week has been cold and dreary! I’ve been trying to go to the gym early in the morning instead of waiting until the evening. This way I can get the job done and then get on with my day. It was hot yoga this morning, and with the colder temperatures this morning it was nice to walk into 105 degrees! I always think of yoga as the dessert of exercising, so it was a treat this morning.

ImageAfter yoga it was home to shower and get ready for lunch with my friend Elizabeth. She was on my 3rd grade team last year and now teaches first grade. It’s been awhile since we’ve chatted so it was nice to catch up. Of course my choice was Which Wich, and as always it was delicious!

ImageAfter lunch I headed home to tackle those boxes of clothes I pulled from the attic. My friend Cindy came over to sort through the boxes to take some of Breslin’s old clothes for her 2 year old daughter, She is a master at organizing so she helped me tackle the boxes, and we organized them down to five boxes.

Then I headed to pick up Breslin from school. She is so excited because this Friday is her Fall Festival at school. They are already preparing for the big event. Breslin loves when they put out this Frankenstein!


Then after dinner I was craving something sweet, so it was off to YoPop for dessert. They had pumpkin pie yogurt it was yummy!


Have you had pumpkin pie yogurt?

What is your favorite thing about fall?


2 thoughts on “Fall into Fall

  1. I have never had that yogurt but it sounds good. I love fall and all the fun fall activities, she goes to a fun school. Back in wa where I grew up we couldn’t even celebrate Halloween at school in case we offended the wicken religion…

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