Raining still…Just tell me what to do!

It has been raining all week, and has put a damper on my productivity.  I’ve been trying hard to enjoy this time I have because its always gone before you know it.  Then it will be the hustle and bustle of work, motherhood, and trying to find some me time.  I  thought since I haven’t dug into my head lately I should share.  This post maybe a bit crazy as I weave through the thoughts in my head.

Still cloudy!

Step 1: Declutter

I’ve been trying to organize myself a bit this week.  Cleaning and decluttering junk around the house has been a priority.  I want to take my entire wardrobe and sell it for a new one.  Do you have have a moment where you want to get rid of everything around you and start new?  There is something about changing things up that I always find myself being drawn toward.  When I was in high school I would move my room around once a month, as an adult I’m constantly getting stir crazy if things remain the same for too long.  Whether it is having the same car, the same bedspread, or the same continuous workout for an hour.  So is that a curse or a blessing?  I know that I’m not content for very long I’m very fast paced and I like change.  The more the merrier!

Step 2: Stop Procrastinating

Ironically I also tend to be a procrastinator, but once I get into a task I have to complete it.  There is no quitting no matter how hard the workout may be or how long it takes me to figure out computer issue it will get done.  I like things mapped out just tell me what to do and I’ll do it to the best of my ability.

Step 3: Get Organized Panzl

I have a pretty good memory.  I can remember dates and times to a tee.  It’s the little things that get me into trouble, such as turning in a paper at work or remembering something that Breslin needs to take to school.  You would think I would have a planner, but I don’t.  I need it so just go get it right?

Step 4: Just do it…Anything

I’m scared to make the wrong decision and mess up.  I don’t like to let myself down or other people down.  I don’t want to waste money or waste time.  Doing nothing tends to worse then doing something right?  Just do something anything make a decision. So why am I so scared?  I ask myself that all the time.  I have to make a decision and go with it.

I’m working on it.  Everyday is a new day.

Can I be here instead?



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