Rain and Money

This weather is terrible and has really dampened my mood lately.    Due to the wonderful weather outside I have decided to share the harsh true of the fabulous life of living on the paycheck of an teacher.


Living in Raleigh, North Carolina is expensive.  From the taxes, to the tolls, to the cost of living I’m really feeling the pinch.  It doesn’t help that I am a teacher in this state.  North Carolina has no respect for teachers.  They have striped every benefit we have and expect people to still want go into education and become teachers.   The demands on teachers here are higher then ever, but no one seems to see that.  North Carolina is ranked toward the bottom for pay.  Makes you really want to come on teach here right?  I have been working for North Carolina Public Schools for 5 years and have not received a raise.  Breslin’s daycare bills and rent all have increased, but I continue to make the same amount of money I did 5 years ago.  Yes we do get track outs and summer vacations, but that means nothing to me when I have stress daily about how I’m going to put gas in my car or can I afford to buy items.

SO when I hear people say money can’t buy happiness I say bull.  Money can’t buy you friends or a supportive caring family you can get that all for free understandable.  It can buy you food, provide for your family, and allow you to purchase items needed.  I’ve been drowning for a very long time.  It’s time to get a life raft.


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