Yeah For Working Out This Week :)

Happy Sunday!  I can’t believe the weekend is almost over!  It has been a rainy and dreary week and I’ve been trying to not let that affect my mood.  I was really good this week getting to the gym and completing the workouts that were needed. I think this dreary weather has me more motivated to actually go to the gym, since there is not much more to do.  Well I guess I could always clean!

Here was my week:

Sunday-Barbell (strength)

Monday- Barbell and 20 minutes on the treadmill.

Tuesday-Hot Yoga

Wednesday-Cycling (cardio)

Thursday-Total Conditioning (cardio and strength)

Friday- Hot Yoga

Saturday-off day

We had a busy weekend planned, but that all changed when I was called by Breslin’s school on Friday.  Apparently there was the ugly four letter word going around LICE.  AHHHHHH!  All plans were cancelled and we were busy protecting our house from these annoying bugs.  My very busy Friday turned into a cooped up Friday.  By the evening I had to get out, and ventured to the gym for some hot yoga.

Saturday was much of the same, although started with a trip to DD (Dunkin Donuts).  No gym on Saturday because I needed a day to rest.  We were suppose to get family pictures done, but like Friday nothing was going my way.  The weather was terrible and I just couldn’t decide what to wear.  It was off to several store before I decided on something decent.  As I was driving home the rain started up again, and I decided this wasn’t going to happen today.  (All items returned) We rescheduled and I’m hoping for the perfect outfit and much better weather!

Sunday started with cycling at the gym.  Then it was home to get some cleaning done because my parents will be coming in to town tomorrow.  I wanted to enjoy my last day on Monday of “alone time” before my family comes and I head back to work so I wanted to get cleaning done today.  While I clean I usually listen to music, so Breslin cuts a rug!

I also received my first BirchBox in the mail!  It is pictured below.  I have been trying all of the products I received and love them all!

This evening Breslin and I have been keeping busy by playing some good old board games and painting our nails.

Everyone needs Swedish Fish on a rainy day, and this sparkling water from Walmart was super yummy!


How have you spent your weekend?

Do you know of any good sparkling waters?


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