Parents Visit and a Killer Headache

Tuesday means its almost time to track back in and start a new quarter. I’m trying to enjoy my last couple of days off as thoughts of report cards and lesson plans start creeping back into my head. I’ve also been thinking how am I ever going to get back up at 6:10 again when I’ve been waking up at 8:00. Almost back to the grind.

Monday came and went quickly. I started my day with returning some items to Target and a stop at the credit union. Then it was off to the gym for a barbell class. I’ve really been enjoying my morning classes. It’s nice to just get up and go and have the rest of the day to get things done. Plus I’ve been going to some classes with a friend. Its nice to have the company and time to catch up.  I was hoping my workout would help the headache that I woke up with!  It lasted all day, and after I tutored I finally gave in and took some Advil.  I’m not sure way I’ve been having these killer headaches.  I was thinking lack of sleep or lack of water? I’m not sure. Any ideas?

Breslin’s birthday is coming up this week, so she wanted to celebrate with her friends at school. It was off to get the perfect crayon popsicle for her to share with her class.

My parents came into town on Monday night late, Breslin was up until 11:30 due to pure excitement. Of course she was up at her normal time and tends to run on fumes while visitors are here.

Today we went to DD (its sad its so close to my house because I go there way too much). Coffee and donuts my favorite. Then it was off to see the IMAX movie To The Arctic in 3D. Breslin loved the 3D,  but soon was bored of the movie and ready to go. We went to a kids museum after the movie, and got some lunch.

On the pirate ship!

Looking at butterflies in the garden.



This evening we went for a walk on this wooded trail that runs for miles.  The sun actually peaked its head out for a bit.  Then we had some yummy Chinese food for dinner.  Tomorrow we are thinking of heading to the zoo.  I hope the weather coroporates!

What is you favorite birthday treat?

How can I drink more water?


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