I’m back baby!

I’m back!  It’s been a crazy couple of days and feel like I’ve been on the go since my parents arrived and I started working again.  Its was really nice to have some family around for the week, since we really have no family here in town. 

Even with my parents in town I tried to get a decent workout week in because with working full time again next week you never know what will happen.

Here were my workouts this week:

Sunday- Cycling


Tuesday- Nothing


Thursday-Hot Yoga


Saturday- TBD- (I might head into the gym later and get a quick run in)


Wednesday we headed to the zoo.  It was actually decent weather outside, and there was no one there so it was wonderful!  The NC Zoo is really spacious and has tons of foliage to provide shade so its not a bad walk.  It is a walk though about 5 miles, sometimes Breslin can complain about all the walking so I brought along the stroller. 

ImageThere are two sides to the zoo the African and North American.  We saw elephants, zebras, giraffes, cougars, and all sorts of other animals. 

ImageImageImageImageIt was a great trip! 

Thursday was Breslin’s 5th birthday.  I cannot believe she is already 5 years old.  In honer of her birthday I had to throw in a flash back of her as a little baby.

My little baby!
1 year old
2 years old
3 years old
4 years old
Happy 5th birthday!

We spent the day with my parents shopping, and dinner was pizza and cake.  Today we she is going to celebrate with two friends from school by going to get pedicures.  Pictures to come! 

It has been a long, but exciting week.  I’m sort of ready to get back to the grind, and fall into a normal schedule again.

What is your favorite zoo?

What is your favorite way to celebrate birthdays?



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