Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday!  The weekend always sneaks by too quickly.  Heading back to work tomorrow always leaves me in mourning for track outs past.  So in spirit of looking on the bright side of things I used the Urban Dictionary’s definition “Sunday Funday” in honor of tonight’s post.

Sunday Funday ~Urban Dictionary

The glorious holiday at the end of every week to celebrate the end of a long and tiring 6 days. On this day, its observers are to completely relax in whichever way they see fit. If it consists of throwing back some beers with friends, playing board games in a park, or indulging in any other substances with peers, it is a full day of fun and relaxation. Most events start in the early afternoon, and end in time for all participants to get to bed at a reasonable hour to prepare for the beginning to yet another long week.
Caroline: “what should we do to celebrate Sunday Funday this week?”
Simone: “lets hang out with Keith and make cornbread.”
Caroline: “Yeah! I am so excited.”
I have decided to create a list of some Sunday Funday events that happened today (okay they are not all fun but I liked them)
This Bright New Day
1) A quote I found while browsing through someone Instagram page.  I found really inspirational, as I often wish away my day.
Halloween Costumes
2) Breslin finally chose a Halloween costume.  She has decided to go as a cat!  I’m grateful that it’s one activity I can cross off my list!
13 Nights of Halloween
3) I found out that the 13 Night of Halloween started on Friday night.  I love this!  I already have figured out that Hocus Pocus is airing on Saturday night.
Strawberry Dippers
4) I found “strawberry dippers” at Walmart the other day.  Not as good as the “banana dippers” but a close second!
Movie Night
5) Sunday is “Movie Night”.  Every Sunday night Jamie and I pick a movie to watch after Breslin goes to bed.  It’s always a late night, but I enjoy the alone time.
What have you done to celebrate Sunday Funday?
How do you pump yourself up to go back to work?

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