Come here Friday

Yes Friday is so close I can taste it!  I’ve never been so excited to see a weekend.  I’m sure you are all on the seat of your chairs wondering if I finished those lovely report cards.  The answer is yes!  Last night at 10:30 I typed my last comment and this afternoon at 4:45 I printed a copy of each just to “look over”.  Thank goodness they are going home tomorrow and they are out of my life forever (well until next quarter). Now I just have to get through my observation on Monday yuck!

Thanks to lovely report cards and the search for multiple copies of chapter books for my guided reading groups my workout schedule sucked this week.

Sunday-too lazy


Tuesday- library and Barnes and Noble book search

Wednesday-library and report card comments (Finally caught up on Awkward yikes Jenna)

Thurday- well I’ve slacked off the whole week might as well continue the tradition and rest tonight

Lets hope for a productive workout weekend!

Breslin is making bad choices at school again.  I’m not sure the reason.  She has never had problems before this school year.  I’m not sure why its starting now.  So our ride home today was in silence with her sticking to the story I’m not sure why I did what I did.  Being a “teacher mom” I find myself arguing two sides of the story.  One maybe she is acting out because she is bored at school (she just turned 5 and missed the cut off for kindergarten and we went back and forth debating on putting her in kindergarten early or keeping her another year in pre-k.  We went with keep her in pre-k).  Two she is starting to show her true colors and can be a bit mischievous.  My gut tells me she’s a smart girl and knows right from wrong. 

ImageYou’ll be happy to know I haven’t had a headache since Tuesday.  I’m thinking it has something to do with sleep because I went to bed at 9:30 on Tuesday night.  It could also be the fact that I had a bucket of stress dumped on me on Monday.  Welcome back to work!

Saturday we have rescheduled our family pictures.  I still haven’t gone and looked for something to wear.  My procrastination is seeping in again.  I’m hoping to go out tomorrow night and see what I can find.  My goal not to wait until Saturday to go on an outfit search!

ImageWhat type of clothes should I wear?

How happy are you I’m done with report cards and you don’t need to listen to me talk about them anymore?





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