Sunday Confessions

Inspired by another blogger runnergirleats I’m going share some of my darkest secrets :).

Confession: I am so grateful for all of the great friends I’ve made while living in North Carolina.  It’s nice to find people who you share similarities.  I’m one luck girl!  Blogging has also created some wonderful connection for me.  I feel like I miss out when I’m not reading certain blogs. Its like catching up with an old friend!



Confession: Sometimes I think as I get older I’m more and more like my mom.  When I was growing up I use to hate when my mom would get angry and yell at us.  As a mother I find myself doing that to Breslin from time to time.  I stop and think… “oh no I’m my mother!”


Confession: I love all of the songs Coryn plays at cycling.  She is always knows all of the good songs before they become popular.  Some of my favorites are on this link  Sweet Beats. Enjoy! 

Confession: My flexibility sucks!  I have never been able to touch my toes.  Do you remember the sit and reach box in gym class?  That box was my worst nightmare.  I always received poor in the “sit and reach” category.  No one seemed to care though, except for me!  Now I do yoga which helps ALOT.

Confession: I’m addicted to pop/soda. Yes I said pop.  In North Carolina they say soda, and I have slowly migrated over to using that word.  (They also say y’all, but I haven’t went that far into the deep end).  I use to love Mountain Dew, but I have aged into the colas.  My preferences are Wild Cherry Pepsi and Cherry Coke.


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