Random Thoughts

I wasn’t sure what to post about tonight so it will probably be some random thoughts!  I tend to find myself thinking about blogging topics while I’m in spin class (random I know).  I haven’t been since last week, so I haven’t been deep in thought lately. 

Being back to work is hard.  Report cards are due Friday, and I continue to procrastinate on writing comments.  If you don’t know me I’m the queen at procrastinating.  Unless someone gives me a deadline I tend to wait till the very last minute.  I have 21 comments to write and only 1 student completed.  It’s Tuesday and I need to get started otherwise I’ll be cramming at the last minute.  I need to just do it! 

Since my parents left on Saturday my workout schedule has been all crazy.  I’m getting use to my new hours and tend to find myself more exhausted then usual.  Is it sad that it is almost 8:00 and I just want to be sleeping?  With report cards looming over my head this week my workout schedule may be shot.  I actually made it to yoga last night, but was on a book search tonight  for school so no workout tonight. 

Three things that have been rattling around in my head are work, money, and sleep.  All I want to do is work less, sleep more, and get more money!  Maybe a miracle will happen!

Breslin had her birthday pedicure over the weekend and boy was it fun (for me too I got to sit in the massage chair while she got her pedicure).  She invited 2 girls to come along with her and it was so cute to watch 5 years getting pampered.

This is the second night in a row that I have been coming home with a headache.  I need to figure out what is triggering these headaches.  They are mainly in the front of my head. Sometimes I think they are stress related, but a had a few last week and I definitely was not stressed last week.  Any ideas?

Okay so this maybe a little weird, but I love the show Awkward on MTV.  It has it’s season première tonight and I’m super excited.  Sometimes I feel like I’m trapped in an 18 year old body.  MTV has some of my favorite shows!  lol

Any crazy shows you like?

What is causing my headaches?


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